Welcome to HOTEL «Гостинний двір»!

As Mark Twain argued, a saint could do miracles, but only some of them could keep the hotel. And he's right one hundred percent, because the success of such a company is primarily to provide a comfortable pastime and create an atmosphere of comfort and hospitality for any user, regardless of his requirements and tastes.
A bright example of the implementation of these cornerstones of the success of this type of business is "Gostiny Dvor". The hotel of the cottage type attracts the views of all the guests of the city, which enter Kherson on Nikolaev highway.

Hotel accommodation

14 wooden cottages, differing in their individual design and class of comfort (comfort, deluxe, junior suites), are made with real Carpathian fir in the best traditions of European wooden architecture. Wood as a living material not only harmoniously combines with modern elements of the interior and luxurious furniture, but also due to the selection of beneficial effects on the respiratory tract of human phytoncides, gives the guests a quality rest and a deep sleep. A relaxation session in the jacuzzi, the charming dance of live fire in the fireplace and a bottle of vintage wine from the mini-bar will leave in your memory unforgettable impressions of the evening in the Gostiny Dvor. A comfortable psychological atmosphere for a good rest will help you to create an air conditioner and DVD-center, which are set in the suite. The hotel is sure to take care of your car by providing it with a free parking lot. While you are busy with your affairs in Kherson, your car will be washed away, and SRT specialists will carry out its service, comprehensive diagnostics and repair out of turn. Undoubtedly, our hotel in Kherson has many advantages that attract their very demanding guests. But the main thing is staffing. For the barely perceptible features you always understand - the employees of "Gostinyi dvor" work with pleasure. They like it when their work is appreciated by visitors. It was for them that the hotel staff in Kherson, having foresaw thought of all the little things, filled the "Guest House" with family warmth, affection and tangible care.

Deluxe and junior suites accommodate 3 or more persons.
Guests of the hotel have a priority status at the service in the restaurant, at the service station, car wash. estimated time is 12:00
Includes parking, luggage delivery, FREE WI-FI, taxi call
Room Category
Standart Semi delux
685 850 1550
Category Price
1 Deluxe 1550
2 Semi Lux 786,5
3 Semi Lux 850
4 Standart (1,5) 685
5 Standart (2-х) 685
6 Standart (1,5) 685
7 Standart (2-х) 685
8 Standart (2-х) 685
9 Standart (1,5) 685
10 Standart (1,5) 685
11 Standart (2-х) 685
12 Semi Lux 850
14 Semi Lux 850
15 Deluxe 1550

To order the numbers in "Gostiny Dvor"
you can call by phone:

(067) 304-70-94

(0552) 41-02-64

e-mail: gostiniydvor4@gmail.com